In most cases, compulsions serve to alleviate anxiety

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hermes birkin bag replica cheap The majority of people with OCD have both obsessions and compulsions, but a minority (about 20 percent) have obsessions alone or compulsions alone (about 10 percent).The person with OCD usually tries to actively dismiss the obsessions hermes lindy replica or neutralize them by engaging in compulsions or avoiding situations that trigger them. In most cases, compulsions serve to alleviate anxiety. However, it is not uncommon for the compulsions replica hermes watch strap themselves to cause anxiety especially when they become very demanding.A hallmark of OCD is that the person recognizes that their thoughts or behaviors are senseless or excessive.However, the drive can be so powerful that the person caves in to the compulsion even though they know it makes no sense. hermes birkin bag replica cheap

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