My Talks

My talks last between 15 and 45 minutes and include personal experience stories about various types of fraud which may be of interest to a specific audience (the type of fraud can be chosen by the organizer from the below list). I usually incorporate clips from movies in my talks, which makes for a lively and unforgettable talk. The talk can relate to tow or more types of frauds, dependent on the time frame.

Various types of frauds:

  1. The Rough Trader: my personal experience and the stories of Nick Leeson, Jerome Kerviel and Yasuo Hamanka – the king of the copper market.
  2. Robin Hood type of bank fraud: taking from a rich client and donating the take to the not so rich (with a fallout to the perpetrator).
  3. Safe deposit box burglaries: including the story of burglary of precious watches from a museum in Israel – a mystery which was resolved 23 years after the theft. The Baker Street robbery and the conspiracy theory following the revelation of what was supposed to be in the safe deposit boxes and the largest theft ever by Sadam Hussein in Iraq.
  4. The Ponzi Scheme or pyramid fraud – the classic fraud
  5. Mortgage Fraud
  6. The Nigerian Sting
  7. Forgery of academic degrees
  8. Plagiarism
  9. Health care frauds – the lawyer’s scheme
  10. Kidnapping
  11. Archeological fraud
  12. Art theft
  13. Fraudulent disappearance of diamonds or precious stones
  14. Burglary or theft of diamonds
  15. Identity theft
  16. Electronic (internet) fraud
  17. Credit card fraud
  18. Interesting insurance frauds
  19. Loan fraud
  20. Special type of coffer frauds
  21. Big Corporation frauds – Enron and others
  22. Scientific frauds
  23. Kick-backs
  24. Special tax frauds
  25. Insider trading – is this fraud?
  26. The fraud bonanza – can the victim enjoy the fraud? Who else profits?
  27. The price of fraud – is there a price?
  28. The psychology of fraud
  29. The motives for fraud

Who is my Audience?

My talks can be of interest in an internal seminar held in financial institutions and professional gatherings, insurance companies and the general public. These presentations are the perfect beginning for Risk Management Seminars. They can serve as comic relief in otherwise very informative and intensive seminars or alternatively, can be a stand alone presentation at any professional or public gathering.

The presentation includes scenes from relevant motion pictures and can last between 15 and 45 minutes.

To book one of my lectures or receive additional information, please contact me at rachel@anatomyoffraud.com