Who Am I?

My name is Rachel Levitan and I am a lawyer who for the past 25 years has dealt with frauds of various types. My involvement was not as a criminal lawyer, but rather as an insurance lawyer, which enables me to look at fraud through a different pair of glasses.

One of my revelations was that the outcome of fraud does not necessarily cause an irreversible loss to the victim. In many cases, the victim is compensated for his/her loss – mainly through insurance. In such cases, the original loss can become a blessing, creating a situation whereby the victim gains from the fraud. In many cases, the gain is larger than the theft.

Therefore, my work was two-fold: firstly, I had to understand what took place and be convinced that the loss or damage which occurred as a result of the fraud is covered by insurance, and then I had to ensure that the quantum of the alleged loss is indeed the direct outcome of the fraud.

So what’s so special about my experience?

Being an insurance lawyer, I saw not only the criminal side of the case, which is fascinating enough, but also other angles such as the motive, where the money went, how the fraud was perpetrated and who gained from the fraud.

In many instances, the event, which later could be classified as fraud, starts as a mistake. As no one noticed, the person who made the mistake then becomes a fraudster who repeats the “mistake” again and again. He/she was almost always sure that the “mistaken fraudulent activity” is only temporary and that they will be able to repay all they took immediately following the next transaction, which is not really different than a gambler at a casino table.

Thus when caught, they usually claim to whoever discovered the fraud that had they been allowed to continue, the money would have been paid back, and the only person who should be blamed for the loss is the person who discovered and stopped the misbehavior.

I have indentified over 20 different types of fraud which I have encountered throughout my career and decided to write a book about my personal experience dealing with all these types of frauds, as well as adding stories about world famous frauds of a similar type, looking as much as possible behind the case of the person who perpetrated the fraud.

Once the idea became reality and the first few chapters were printed and sent to colleagues around the world, I was invited to talk about my experience and share these stories with the audience.